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Web App variations

When we’re looking to create a web application there are so many paths we can go down. As Paul Simon famously never sang, “There must be 50 ways to deploy your web app”.

Central to the engineering decision-making are some key factors:

  • Which language will we use?
  • Which platform offers the best hosting?
  • How do we deploy the code to the platform?

I’ve been considering the variety of pathways so, putting my code where my mind is, I’ve prepared a GitHub repository with a set of recipes. I’ve called these “variations” and started with:

  • Azure Web Apps deployed with Azure DevOps
  • Azure Web Apps using Azure Container Registry
  • Azure Container Instances from Azure Container Registry

I’ve tried to describe the approach in a manner that gets something running quickly without being overly wordy.

Take a look at Web App Variations on GitHub, try some variations, and let me know what you think.