Standing up against stand ups

In the first post following on from That’s not agile I want to look at a practice I find to be one of the most tricky and contentious issues I encounter when discussing Agile, especially with developers: the daily stand up. Many Agile people tell me that these daily …

That's not agile

I often hear “I do agile” and “That’s not agile” and I’m starting to put it into the same bucket as “That’s not an enterprise approach”. Such terms are often used to reassure those that have just heard that “Agile is good” or as a pre-emptive strike …

Continuous Integration

“It works on my machine” really translates to “I don’t know why it works - I just clicked buttons” and the offender forced to buy lunch for the team

Continuous Integration (CI) focusses on ensuring that a project’s code successfully builds whenever the code base (usually stored in a …

Version control

Don’t write a single line of code until you have a version control system in place

Almost all developers know of at least one version control system (also called source code control or revision control). These systems provide a backup of your work and allow you to dip back …